Are these plugins/themes up-to-date?

Most of these plugins are the latest our team can add. If you have a request for a later version, please send in a support ticket and we’ll work on updating your download to the latest version.

What’s your refund policy?

If users are unable to use their download(s), we will refund immediately. If you purchased the wrong product, please let us know. Send in a support ticket if you’re dealing with any troubles.

Do you accept any other payment methods?

Of course! We’re open to suggestions. We’re working on providing services to users from all over.

Can I request products?

You can request products by submitting a ticket to our support. You can expect the product to be added within 24 hours. If any issues arise, we will notify you.

What should I do before installing a download?

Before you install, we recommend that every user create a backup of their website. We can’t check every theme/plugin that is compatible with each other, which is why. The responsibility will be on the user if any negative outcome occurs after the installation process.